Anna Lašáková

Juliet Horváthová Suleimanová

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Management





Nobody doubts that our society is changing more and more rapidly. People are challenged to be more flexible and adaptable. We are witnesses to a paradigmatic change when information society is turning to knowledge society. The power is now derived from the ownership of knowledge. Transition from the information society to the knowledge society is not discontinuous, quite the contrary, the change is continuous and influenced by evolving knowledge economy that influences changes in existing conception of managerial functions. The key for creation of the knowledge society is the learning organization. In the first part of this paper basic principles on which learning organizational culture is build are presented. Subsequently, the processes of selection of employees and identification of competencies are highlighted because it is assumed that this processes support creation and maintenance of the learning organizational culture substantially. Results of research of the learning organizational culture are presented in the last part of this paper.


KEY WORDS: learning organization, competencies, managerial work, organizational culture.


Journal of Human Resource Management
Comenius University in Bratislava
Faculty of Management