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  1. 1. Resilience and Emotional Intelligence: A Dynamic Partnership for Human Resources Professionals in Today’s Workplace.
  2. 14. Analysing Nurse Talent Management: A 6-Year Study Before and During COVID-19 Using the McKinsey 9-Box Matrix.
  3. 39. The Roles of Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviour, Work-Life Balance, Job Satisfaction, Motivation, and Job Performance Among Married Private Employees.
  4. 55. Perceived favourability of human resource practices and job engagement: A mediated moderated model of justice perceptions.
  5. 73. How can Organizational Support Increase Employee Motivation and Performance? Studies on Employees of MSMEs in Indonesia
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  7. 98. The effect of Human Resource Management on employee Performance – A Systematic Literature Review
  8. 109. Investigation into the Nexus between Workplace Spirituality and Employee Performance in Indian Banks: The Interplay with Mental Health as a Mediat-ing Factor in the Context of West Bengal, India
  9. 128. Effect of Fringe Benefits and Remuneration on Employee Performance: The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement
  10. 145. Burnout or not? Assessing the effect of digital employee resilience and its ef-fects on work stress
  11. 164. Exploring the Relationship Between Performance Management and Employee Motivation: Case Study of Serbian Railways
  12. 2. The Role of Happiness at Work in Moderating the Effect of Work Engage-ment and Organizational Justice on Innovative Work Behaviour of Region SCA in Indonesia
  13. 15. Efficacies of HR Innovation Lab: A Study on an Innovative HRM Approach to Achieve Organizational Success
  14. 33. How Welcoming Boomerang Employees Affects Employees’ Perception of Organizational Justice: an Analysis on Air Transport Personnel in Turkey
  15. 44. Leveraging Tacit Knowledge for Teacher Performance in Vocational Schools After-Break
  16. 58. Factors of job satisfaction and its effects on employee performance: A Case Study of Ghazni University employees
  17. 76. Talent Attraction And Organizational Competitiveness in Manufacturing Companies in Lagos, Nigeria
  18. 91. Management of Primary Prevention Against Respiratory Diseases in Organizations as an HRM tool
  19. 105. Effect of Fringe Benefits and Remuneration on Employee Engagement: The Moderating Role of Perceived Organisational Support
  20. 123. Unlocking the Path to AI Adoption: Antecedents to Behavioral Intentions in Utilizing AI for Effective Job (Re)Design
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