Anna Lašáková,                                                                                                                 Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava                                      SLOVAKIA



The majority of organizational culture research focuses on the research of values or norms that can be analyzed using quantitative questionnaires, which save time of both researcher and respondents. However, for understanding the fundamental principles of organizational culture, the research of assumptions is unavoidable – through their exploration a more complex view on organizational functioning can be acquired. Empirical research of assumptions in relatively longitudinal and it premises using methods, which enable in-depth analysis. Because results of analysis and interpretation of Schein’s approach to internal integration of organization are in an empirical research of organizational assumptions applied for the first time, the scenario of in-depth interview has to be validated further through series of additional research. In the presented version the scenario serves as in-depth probe into organizational assumptions, which relate: to the character of interpersonal communication and interpersonal relations, to the criteria for in-group membership, to forms of power distribution and career paths in organization as well as to forms of positive and negative sanctions, which are exercised in organization.


KEY WORDS: organizational culture, organizational assumptions, internal integration.

Journal of Human Resource Management
Comenius University in Bratislava
Faculty of Management